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How do I withdraw crypto from Mercuryo?
How do I withdraw crypto from Mercuryo?
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You can find out how to withdraw crypto from your Mercuryo wallet using either our web wallet or Mobile Apps by expanding the relevant section belowπŸ‘‡

Web Wallet

Follow these steps to withdraw crypto from your Wallet πŸ‘‡

  1. Make sure you're on the Wallets page

  2. Select the cryptocurrency you want to send (BTC, ETH, BUSD, etc)

  3. Select the cryptocurrency on the right-hand side too (Normally this shows your card by default)

  4. Enter the amount & wallet address where you want to send the crypto to

  5. Withdraw and approve via 2FA code


Follow these steps to buy crypto in our Mobile App πŸ‘‡

  1. Tap the transaction button (middle icon) at the bottom of the app

  2. Select Send (Withdraw crypto to credit card or another wallet)

  3. Select the crypto type you wish to send and then enter the wallet address or tap the frame icon to scan a QR code

  4. Select Send and approve via 2FA code

πŸ’‘ Top tip πŸ’‘ Blockchain addresses are usually a long string of random characters. Because it is easy to mistype a character, the best practice is to copy wallet addresses (or any other) address to your clipboard and paste it into the field. Or even better, scan the QR code using our mobile app!

πŸ€“ A few important things to know

  1. 🚨 It's super important that you send the right currency to the right wallet address 🚨

    Transactions on the blockchain are irreversible, so make sure you know who you're sending funds to and you trust their legitimacy. Banks and other legitimate financial institutes will never ask you to transfer funds or cryptocurrency to other accounts.

  2. The presented transaction time frame is approximate, the actual transaction time might vary depending on the volume of pending transactions in the blockchain mempool. Please be patient and the transactions will complete - this is beyond Mercuryo's control πŸ™

  3. The transaction fee is not fixed, it changes dynamically and depends on various factors, that are out of our control, such as market volatility.

πŸ’‘ Did you know? You can track your transaction on the blockchain! πŸ’‘

To do this, head to your Mercuryo Wallet and browse your transaction and select the desired one. Then tap Blockchain ID and you'll see the transaction information on the network.

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