What are my limits as a verified user?
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Maximum transaction amount


€1700 / $2000

Daily limit


€7500 / $8400 (per card)

Monthly limit


€7500 / $8400 (per card)

Number of card transaction per day



Number of transactions per month



πŸ’‘ Did you know? You can view you minimum and maximum crypto top-up and sell amounts here in your Mercuryo wallet πŸ’‘

πŸ€“ Some important information

  1. We calculate your daily and monthly limits on a rolling period since purchasing. For example if you purchase €1000 euros on 10th June at 10am, your daily limit will reset to it's maximum on 11th June at 10am and your monthly limit on 11th July at 10am.

  2. Daily and monthly limits include all fees.

  3. Your withdrawal limit is equivalent to your buying limits as shown above.

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