Where does Mercuryo operate?
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Mercuryo is operational and allows customers from all countries, except those listed below:

Non-operational countries

Kindly note that our services cannot be used in countries from the list below

Abkhazia, Afghanistan, Angola, Antarctica, Eland Islands, Barbados, Bangladesh, Burundi, Bolivia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Central African Republic, Congo, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Algeria, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guatemala, Guinea -Bissau, Honduras, Haiti, Iraq, Iran, Iceland, Kyrgyzstan, Cambodia, North Korea, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Morocco, Mali, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Nepal, South Ossetia, Panama, Peru, French Polynesia, Papua New Guinea, Pakistan, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Sierra Leone, Russian Federation, Somalia, South Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, Venezuela, Yemen, Zimbabwe.

In addition, please note that our payment gateway might not be able to process some bank cards based on your country/state and their policies towards cryptocurrency transactions.

We don't currently offer the option to sell cryptocurrency if you are based in, or your card is from, Belarus.

We also require you to have a valid government-issued identification document as you are required to pass verification when you buy crypto.

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