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Essentially, BaaS is a more open way of banking, providing financial services and products through sole API. The foundation of our payment platform is our in-house scalable modular architecture which combines cutting-edge technologies from
both crypto and fiat worlds.

How it works?

We take care of the licensing for fiat and crypto, KYC/AML, fraud prevention and provide a simple and powerful API. In a nutshell, it will empower you to launch IBANs in your product and offer your users the option to store, send and receive fiat money. Using our white-label solution you can customise your flow and develop own UX/UI to make the customer experience as native as possible!

What is an IBAN?

IBAN stands for International Bank Account Number, which you can use when making or receiving international payments. Itโ€™s an internationally-agreed code made up of up to 34 letters and numbers that helps banks to process transfers around the world.

What are the key use cases?

  1. Crypto purchase with a credit card.

  2. Crypto purchase via income bank transfer.

  3. Crypto purchase via exchanging from an internal fiat balance to a crypto balance.

  4. Fiat account topping up.

  5. Fiat withdrawal from an internal fiat balance to an external bank account.

  6. Crypto sale to a credit or debit card.

  7. Crypto sale via outcome bank transfer to an external bank account (soon)

  8. Crypto sale via exchanging from a crypto balance to an internal fiat balance.

How does it work for the end user?

  • We will integrate our solution natively into your product (e.g. mobile app)

  • The user opens a IBAN and undergoes identification

Main features

Basically, we offer three key features that cover most users' needs:

  • Opening an IBAN account

  • Viewing and depositing an IBAN account

  • Sending and receiving fiat money using IBAN

Getting started

Integration usually takes about a month, during which time our team assists with challenges. To start the integration, read our documentation

Restrictions and limits

  1. Payments are only available within the European Economic Area

  2. Accounts can only be opened for citizens of the European Economic Area or for holders of a residence permit from one of these countries

  3. To open an IBAN account, the user must prove identity and pass KYC

  4. Main account currency EUR (more major currencies coming soon)

  5. Standard limits when making a transaction*:

    • 10 000 EUR incoming payments

    • 10 000 EUR outgoing payments

    • 5 000 EUR per transaction

    *To increase the limit, the user must provide proof of source of funds

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