What are the transaction fees?

Explanation of transaction fees and gas

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Mercuryo offers one of the best exchange rates. In addition, we provide low transaction fees to encourage more transactions.

  • Mercuryo charges 3.95% when a customer buys crypto from a card

  • Mercuryo charges 2.95% when a customer transfer crypto to a card

  • Minimum fees for withdrawal: 4 EUR / 4 USD

Do you charge fees when I receive crypto from another blockchain address?

Mercuryo does not charge any fee when customer receive crypto from another blockchain address.

What is gas?

Gas is a variable fee, paid in ETH, for computational power on Ethereum. Every transaction that occurs on Ethereum requires gas. Mercuryo makes it possible to pay gas in the ERC-20 token that you send. If you send USDT/DAI to another blockchain address you can pay miner's fee in USDT/DAI instead of ETH.

What is your commission (gas fee) when I withdraw crypto to another crypto address?
Commission (miner's or gas fee) is not fixed, it's calculated automatically and displayed in the withdrawal window when you want to send crypto to another blockchain address. Check out the instruction to see how it works.

More information on limits and fees

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