How to top up using an external bank account
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Go to the ‘Wallets’ section and press the ‘Top up’ button.

Select the ‘Bank Account’ tab at the top center. Enter the amount of crypto you want to buy or the amount you wish to spend on crypto in EUR, then press the 'Buy Crypto' button.

To buy crypto, make a SEPA transfer in EUR using provided payment details and entering desired sum, including commission. Check with the bank if they support SEPA payments. Please note that purchase may take from 1 to 5 days and will be made at the exchange rate at the time the funds are credited.

It is better to avoid topping up from an external bank account on weekends, because SEPA transfers are only processed on business days. Rates may change drastically while the payment is in queue.

Important! Make sure you enter all the correct details when ordering a SEPA transfer.

If the exchange is successful, you will see it listed in ‘Wallets’ section by selecting corresponding crypto.

If, for any reason, it fails, you will also see it in the ‘Wallets’ section, though, the status will be shown as ‘Failed’. To check why it has failed please contact our support team on Intercom or email us at

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