How to send funds to a bank account
Updated over a week ago

To do this, press the ‘Send’ button on the account screen.

By default, you will be prompted to send to a SEPA bank account. You will have to enter receiving bank account details. Please note that you can only withdraw to European IBANs. It is better to check with recipient’s bank if they support SEPA payments.

Make sure that you enter 'Transfer own funds' in Purpose of Payment field; otherwise, your payment might be rejected by your bank. In case your funds are rejected, they will return back to your Mercuryo IBAN.

If you have made any withdrawals before, you can select a saved account from list by clicking the IBAN field.

After filling out all the fields, press Send EUR button.

If you get a ‘Payment was declined’ message, please contact our customer support via Intercom or send us an email at email address.

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