Mercuryo is a licensed and regulated. We are already trusted by over 200 top-notch businesses, including Binance, 1inch, Nexo, TrustWallet, Trezor, Phemex, OKX.

How do we protect data?

Mercuryo is focused on ensuring data privacy and security. As a payment processor, we’re following the industry’s security standards and are authorized under Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS). You can find more information on how we collect, process your data in the Privacy Policy.

Does Mercuryo support 3DS?

Yes, we use 3DS. 3D secure is an XML-based protocol designed to be an additional security layer for online payment card transactions initiated by banks and card issuing companies.

Security recommendations

The security recommendations below maximize your chances of securing your account and personal data.

  • If you have noticed suspicious activity, please, contact our customer support by leaving a message in our live chat at the bottom right corner or write an email at

  • Never enter your account from an undetermined device

  • Never continue to the website following unverified link

  • Make sure to receive first-hand information about the Mercuryo platform through the official channels: Telegram, Facebook, Twitter.

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