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How to buy crypto in Nigeria via Bank Account Money Transfer
How to buy crypto in Nigeria via Bank Account Money Transfer
Here’s instruction, how to buy crypto via bank transfer
Updated over a week ago

For this type of payment the exchange rate of your country's currency to the cryptocurrency may be different! Please check the payment calculation window carefully before making the payment!

Let's go!

Fill left and right fields (Fiat and Crypto)

Total line means how much NGN we will charge from your bank account.

Next, select “Bank Transfer”

Select your bank, please

Next, enter your bank account number and Date of Birth. You can find your bank account number in banking application/website, bank agreement, or with your Bank support Service

After, you will see bank payment window. Interface can be different from this solution. Often, your bank asks OTP's or other information to confirm the payment.

After you pass your bank payments steps, you will see our window with payment status. We will send the cryptocurrency to your service, or address after we receive the funds from your bank. You will also receive an email confirming the payment from us.

If you have reached this point, all has done well and the funds gone from your bank to Mercuryo. Just wait a bit, and crypto will arrive!

Depending on the type of cryptocurrency and the load on the blockchain, this process takes between 10-20 minutes to 1-2 hours.

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