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Why I can't buy Crypto in Nigeria (Transactions problems and solutions)
Why I can't buy Crypto in Nigeria (Transactions problems and solutions)
How to buy crypto using Nigerian Bank Cards
Updated over a week ago

Because of the many different problems with cryptocurrency regulation at different levels, we have a lot of failed transactions from Nigerian users.

We found the best solutions to buy cryptocurrency in Nigeria. Just follow this steps to get successful operation.

1. Please, use only these Bank Cards:

  • First Bank Visa card

  • Stanbic (Standard) Mastercard

❗️Other banks, such as GT, UBA, Zenith, Access etc. are not working at the moment at Mercuryo 😭

🚩Before carrying out transactions with your card, kindly make sure that it's enabled for international card transactions

2. Select Amount. Due to the Nigerian Banks Limits, please set your transaction amount up to 100 USD or 71 GBP

3. Select USD currency. Our tech and financial departments working hard to improve NGN payments, but Naira operations are not working correctly at the moment. Your bank will convert your NGN to USD automatically in payment process.

DO NOT USE 3rd party bank cards. If your Name is John Brown your cardholder hame must be the same, it's forbidden to use another person bank cards. Such transaction will be failed automatically. Also, using 3rd party bank card you spends 1 of your 8 cards spot.

Your bank cards limit is 8 cards. Sorry, but we can't increase it at the moment. It means, you can't use any next 9th bank card. Maybe it will be solved in next months.

We will update this article as soon as there will be any news!

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