To sell crypto assets with Mercuryo and withdraw fiat to credit card in just a couple of steps you need to:

1. Tap on the desired crypto asset (BTC in this example),

2. Tap Send button,

3. Select the desired credit card (ending with ****5154 in this example) or tap new card to add a new card.

In the opening window it's necessary to indicate the necessary details:

  1. Indicate the amount of crypto you would like to sell,

  2. Indicate the amount of fiat currency you want to sell (it's already displayed if you have selected amount of crypto from Field 1),

  3. Once you have indicated the amount of crypto to sell and a tap Send.

Note: Fiat is delivered to your bank card instantly. But in rare cases, the process might take from 1-2 hours up to a business day due to your bank's terms and policy.

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