To login to your Mercuryo web wallet you need to visit

There are 2 options to login to your Mercuryo web wallet: Without password and With password.

Login without password

To login without password you need to use OTP(one time password):

  1. Input your phone number in international format,
  2. Press "Get the code",
  3. Input the SMS code sent to your phone,
  4. Input the second OTP received on your email attached to your Mercuryo account.

Login with password

To login with password you need to:

  1. Select Sign in with password option,
  2. Insert your email (phone number) and password,
  3. Receive a confirmation code to your email (or SMS to your phone number),
  4. Enter the confirmation code.

What can I do if I don't receive the confirmation email?

Please try these two steps:

  1. Check your spam folder for the email with the verification code
  2. Whitelist the email address and try again
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