Mercuryo widget makes it possible to convert fiat to crypto and send it to a blockchain address in just 5 minutes. These simple steps will help you understand how it works.

1. Fill out the required fields:

  • choose the fiat currency (USD/EUR/RUB and etc),

  • enter the amount you want to spend,

  • choose the cryptocurrency you want to buy (BTC/ETH/BUSD and etc),

  • indicate the blockchain address, where you want to receive the blockchain asset (in some cases address is already prefilled)

You need to agree with the Terms of Service and click Buy.

Mercuryo does not include any hidden or extra fees. You see the final amount of crypto to be deposited on your blockchain address and the fiat amount to be charged from your bank card by Mercuryo. The handling fee is also included in the final price. You can also see the amount of fee charged by Mercuryo.

2. Please type your email address. Put in the verification code received your email. It might take some time till the code is delivered. You can resend the new code in 20 seconds.

Please note, that you can sign in by phone, if this option would be more convenient for you.

3. Pass KYC.

You need to select your country and depending on the country of citizenship you need to send a picture and a selfie with one of the following types of government-issued identification documents:

  • passport,

  • national ID card (both sides),

  • driving license.

4. Fill in the card info — card number, expiry date, cardholder name with capital letters and click Buy.

Mercuryo accepts ONLY Visa and MasterCard: virtual, debit and credit cards. Mercuryo holds and immediately unholds 1 EUR to check if your bank card is valid.

5. Complete 3D secure authorization and input security code by your bank and Mercuryo.

In some countries to assure maximum security, Mercuryo sends 5 digit M-XXXXX code to your bank, then your bank should deliver the code to you. Once received, you need to input it. Security code delivery is usually done via:

  • SMS message,

  • push notification,

  • invoice or bank statement from your bank's web/mobile app.

Please note that it is not a separate message and should be in the description of your transaction in the bank.

As soon as you pass security code confirmation, fiat amount is put on authorization hold or pre-authorization state. This is done to ensure that the card owner has sufficient funds, while we verify your transaction. Once the bank reserves the requested amount, Mercuryo reserves the crypto and provides you 30–40 minutes in order to pass KYC.

6. Transaction completed

As soon as Mercuryo sends crypto - transaction is completed, you receive an email with all the details of the transaction, including the amount of fiat debited, the amount of crypto sent, Mercuryo ID of the transaction, top-up address.

7. Contact Mercuryo Customer Support

If you have any questions please contact our customer support by opening the chat window at the bottom right corner or write an email at

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