What is Mercuryo referral program?

Mercuryo referral program is a great way to earn crypto by helping fellow crypto enthusiasts to find a great tool for buying and selling blockchain assets. You get 0.5% of the transaction amount every time your friend buys or sells crypto regardless of the amount and currency.

Where do I find all the necessary information about the referral program?

You can find all the necessary information in the Invite friends tab in the Mercuryo web wallet. Also you can find:

  1. total earnings and expected earnings for the current month,

  2. referral payments per each month,

  3. your personal referral link to invite fellow crypto enthusiasts,

  4. current number of invited referrals.

Can you please provide an example of how the referral program works?

Sure. Let's imagine you have invited 3 friends - Adam, Jane and Jeff. Adam bought BTC worth of 3000$, Jane bought ETH worth 1000$ and Jeff bought USDT worth 5000$. So at the end of the month, you will receive 15$ (0.5% of 3000$) in BTC, 5$ (0.5% of 1000$) in ETH and 25$ (0.5% of 5000$) in USDT to your Mercuryo wallet.




Friend's turnover per month




Your earnings




Is there a limit of people I can invite?

The Sky is the limit! Invite as many friends as you can! Mercuryo is willing to pay your bonuses per each transaction initiated by every referral.

When are the bonuses paid?

Bonuses are paid at the end of each month in crypto!

In which cases there is no referral bonus?

There is NO referral bonus if your friend sends crypto to an external blockchain address or receives from an external blockchain address. Referral bonus is paid ONLY when a friend buys or sells crypto with any of Mercuryo services - web wallet, mobile wallet or widget.

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