How can I deposit my money in the Mercuryo account?

You can top up your Mercuryo account by attaching a bank card to your account in the Mercuryo system. You can also transfer cryptocurrency to your Mercuryo wallet from a third-party wallet or exchange.

How can I withdraw crypto from Mercuryo? 

Please, check out detailed step-by-step instruction.

What is your commission?

  • Mercuryo charges 3.95% when you buy crypto from your card

  • Mercuryo charges 3.95% when you transfer crypto to your card.

  •  When you withdraw crypto to card minimum commission is:
     4 EUR / 4 USD

Do you charge fees when I receive crypto from another blockchain address?

Mercuryo does not charge any fee when you receive crypto from another blockchain address.

What is gas?

Gas is a variable fee, paid in ETH, for computational power on Ethereum. Every transaction that occurs on Ethereum requires gas. Mercuryo makes it possible to pay gas in the ERC-20 token that you send. If you send USDT/DAI to another blockchain address you can pay miner's fee in USDT/DAI instead of ETH.

What is your commission (gas fee) when I withdraw crypto to another crypto address?

Commission (miner's or gas fee) is not fixed, it's calculated automatically and displayed in the withdrawal window when you want to send crypto to another blockchain address. Check out the instruction to see how it works.

Why am I charged €1 when I add my bank card?

Mercuryo doesn’t charge anything for registration. This is a temporary card prе-authorization to verify if you have entered valid card details. Normally, €1 returns to your account within a few minutes after the card verification. This is a common practice in the majority of online stores and subscription services.

What are the limits for verified user?



  • Maximum transaction amount of 5000 EUR

  • Daily limit per account: 10 000 EUR

  • Weekly limit per account: 25 000 EUR

  • Monthly limit per account is 25 000 EUR

  • Number of card transactions per day: 15

  • Number of transactions per month: 100

  • Transaction limit per account per month: 25 000 EUR

  • Maximum amount per 1 transaction - 1700 EUR/ 2000 USD

  • Daily limit - 7500 EUR/ 8400 USD (per card)

  • Monthly limit 7500 EUR/ 8400 USD (per card)

  • Number of card transactions per day: 5

  • Number of card transactions per month: 50

Current monthly and daily limits are available in your Mercuryo wallet.

Important note 1: The daily limit is counted not as a calendar day, from 00:00 till 23:59, but as a 24-hour period since purchasing.

Important note 2: The monthly limit is counted as a 31-day period since purchasing, and not as a calendar month.
Important note 3: Withdraw limit is the same as purchase limit.

Important note 4: Daily and monthly limits include all fees.

Is it possible to increase my account's limits?

Yes. If you have reached your daily/monthly limit, please contact our customer support by leaving a message in our live chat at the bottom right corner or write an email at

What's the minimum amount of crypto purchase or transfer to the card and external blockchain address from the Mercuryo wallet?

A minimal amount of crypto purchase and withdrawal to your bank card: 25 EUR equivalent in BTC, ETH, USDT, BCH, DAI, BAT, ALGO, TRX, KSM, DOT, SOL, AVAX, MATIC, NEAR, ADA, XLM, XRP, LTC, USDC, FTM, DOGE, MANA, SND, CRV, DYDX. 15 TON / 20 BUSD / 10 1INCH/ 0.05 BNB

A minimal amount of crypto transfer to another blockchain wallet is any amount above the commission (miner's fee) for all crypto;

Important note: the exception is TON, for which a minimal amount of transfer to another blockchain wallet is 10 EUR equivalent in TON

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